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As I say, I listen to the radio most days (a mixture of BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 6 and As I hear noteworthy howlers I will post them here. Use the contact form via "Get In Touch" to send us your deliriously delicious discrepancies. Stay tuned.

  • The Taiwan State errr Straights and we also must see that, together, the Free World are ensuring.....
    Lizz (the) Truss, BBC Radio 4, 30 June 2022

  • Chelsea are on "borrowed time" over the sale of the club, says culture (sic) secretary Nadine Dorries.
    To be fair, Doris said Chelsea IS on borrowed time. 'Twas the BBC that substituted "are" for "is".
    Unattributed. BBC Sport Web Site 28 April 2022.

  • Talking about Twitter, Cara Swisher said "Elon Musk thinks doing things like tossing Donald Trump off was a mistake".
    Cara Swisher - New York Times columnist via Radio4 25 April 2022.

  • “The choice that the French people are facing is critical — for France and for Europe,” tweeted German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Thursday. “It is the choice.....
    Olaf Scholtz, German Chancellor, quoted in The Washington Post, April 22nd 2022.

  • The French establishment are sounding the alarm that voters could propel far-right candidate Marine Le Pen to victory in this month’s election.
    Patrick Jenkinis, FT Deputy Editor, Apil 9th 2022.

  • A driver treated themselves to a Ferrari - and then crashed it after driving less than two miles (3.2km), police said.
    Off the BBC News Web Site, April 1st 2022.

  • Russian club Spartak Moscow were also kicked out of the Europa League and their last-16 opponents RB Leipzig will advance to the quarter-finals.
    Off the BBC News Web Site Mar 3rd 2022.

  • The UK's Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said that Russia are "not having it at all their own way" as troops target more Ukrainian cities.
    Off the BBC News Web Site, Mar 1st 2022.

  • “None of our measures are designed to disrupt the flow of energy to global markets."
    United States Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economics and Deputy NEC Director Daleep Singh, Late February 2022.

  • I wiuld say that it would be appalling if a (Champions' League football Final in St. Petersburg) match was to go ahead in the circumstances where Russia are claiming that the Ukranian state shouldn't exist, that is shouldn't have a right to sovereignty.
    Liz Truss - Radio 4 Today, February 23 20222.

  • There are no teams from Ukraine left in any other European competition this season but Russian club Zenit St Petersburg are still in the Europa League and are set to play the second leg.........
    Simon Stone - BBC Sport web site, February 22 2022.

  • On the 50th anniversary of Hereford beating Newcastle in the FA Cup at Edgar Street in Hereford. Eleanor Oldroyd" I am off to Hereford today actually, I'll look around and see if there are banners up around the place" Chris Warburton, in reply "Well, If there aren't, stck one up yourself Ellie, okay !!
    Chris Warburton and Eleanor Oldroyd - Saturday Breakfast. Radio 5Live, February 5 2022 06:17

  • I am deeply troubled by what is going on and we all know that if a Prime Minister doesn't ship up then they have to shape out.,
    Huw Merriman - MP for Bexhill and Battle and Chair of the Transport Select Committee - Radio4, Feb 04 2022 07:15.

  • what MPs will be waiting for is to see whether the gap (in the polls) closes, if the tories can make their way back up, do the public start to shift, in what you've suggested, those snap polls. I think it was two thirds of the public, last night, said they didn't accept Boris Johnson's apology.
    Laura Kuenssberg - Radio4, Feb 01 2022 07:25

  • but do you know what Vladimir Putin is likely to say "Please give me guarantees that The Ukraine will not be taken into the West's orbit, that The Ukraine will not join Nato."
    Nick Robinson - Radio4, Jan 28 2022 07:17

  • It didn’t seem to have occurred to The Suspect that it was him and his government that had spent virtually every waking hour for the past two months trying to protect his own job.
    John Crace - The Guardian, January 27th 2022

  • Well, Rice is there, Bowen is also there. Quite a high line from Manchester United with their red shirts, so they're almost on the edge of the D. That's where that line of red shirts are, to protect David de Gea.
    - Ian Dennis - Radio 5Live - Man. United vs West Ham commentary, 22nd January 2022

  • A BBC article published on 21 January 2022 - In her speech, Liz Truss said "The Kremlin haven't learnt the lessons of history,"

  • from the BBC News web - 28 October 2021...A group of activists, including two British Olympians, are blocking the entrance to the UK's largest oil refinery in a climate change protest.
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